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New JWAC Workshop Build: Part 2- Landscape, Electrical, Paint work, and Bye-bye old shop!

Posted on February 13, 2018 at 11:10 AM

Next up for the JWAC shop setup was some exterior work: landscape + exterior lighting. Much of the hardscape + retaining wall was already present, as we previously had a pool in this space. The paving stones, red brick chips, and mulch from the former setup were moved around and/or re-purposed and the new shop, for the most part, fit like a glove where the pool once resided. I then stained the porch using an Australian timber oil. The porch floor, as well as the front ramp, were painted with a matching hue of Behr porch paint. An anti-skid texture additive was mixed in to the porch paint prior to application. 

Coren Construction, my in-laws, helped with final electrical upgrades. 2-12 wiring + several additional outlets were added, as well as a panel box. These upgrades facilitiate proper voltage requirements for our current needs, as well as possible expanded equipment + HVAC upgrades down the road.

At this juction, I cleaned out the old shop. It was moved off-site, and it now resides with a new owner. It was a great space for the first season of our business, and I am very thankful for having it. Many memories. Bye-bye little shop...

The next order of business was paint. The entire shop was painted a flat black, and the floors were coated with epoxy. This was a hard fight, as a cold-streak has just ensued in NC: sub-zero temps went on for about 7 days staight, which is a very unusual streak for our area. Paint didn't want to stick. Paint dripped. I re-painted when the sun was at just the right angle, thus having only a small window of time to work daily. It was a mess, but it did eventually get completed.  

Prior to the floor being coated with a 2-part epoxy, I used a product called "Water Putty" to fill the seams in between the plywood sheets. The idea was to create as close to a seemless floor as possible. I wanted dust clean-up and sweeping to be as efficient and effortless as possible. Rust-O-Leum "EpoxySheild" was selected, in a "tan" color variant. You can see that, due to the cold-snap and thusly thicker viscosity to the paint, coverage was lower than normal, and I ran out during the last corner of the shop. Rustoleum was kind enough to send over a small can to patch this area in. I'll wait until later this Spring to apply it. 

The build continues with the Part 3 post! Click here to view..

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